Creating Peace Across the Globe, Starts at Home

We live in a country where much diversity exists. Accepting that other people may not think and live the way we do is the first step toward embracing diversity. It doesn’t mean that we have to agree with others’ choices, but we certainly may find a way to co-exist on this great planet, in harmony.

All of us at Motivated To Act recognize that children learn many behaviors from examples, either at home, school, television, or elsewhere. The amount of negative energy they receive can be quite staggering for their young impressionable minds and therefore, it is important to guide them away from harmful scenarios by replacing negativity with positive energy.

How do we Encourage our Children to Listen to our Advice?
Start a strong bonding experience with your children when they are young. At a young age, children are your most captive audience, so take advantage of this precious window of opportunity and spend quality time with them.

Reading educational storytelling books with your children is the perfect way to bond with them
and to expose them to age-appropriate lessons such as anti-bullying, fair play, leadership, inclusion, empathy, and more. When children spend quality time listening to or reading books with their parents and/or grandparents, a level of trust and admiration is built, and they feel loved. With this bond in place, children have more respect for their parents and tend to listen more to their advice, feeling they have their best interest at heart.

The Local Multicultural Project
Motivated To Act utilizes the Confident Life™ Program for schools to teach children grades K-3 rd many important skills to help them navigate through their behavioral issues such as bullying
and discrimination. The Confident Life™ program won the Child Safety Network’s 2023 Award
for Innovation in Curriculum. The Multicultural Project’s goal is to have the full program’s curriculum available in many additional languages.

For various reasons, such as careers, new aspirations, natural disasters, wars, and more, families from all over the globe migrate to America every day. After arrival, some families face many challenges including a language barrier.

Our educational materials, being developed in additional languages, including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Ukrainian, Farsi, and many more, allow family members to continue to bond with their children through storytime activities in their native language. Whether implemented in local households, educational institutions, or community centers, our Multicultural Project is designed to improve the lives of children across America.

Networking to Provide Peace Across the Globe
Our team at Motivated To Act partners with Global institutions such as Rotary International and
Sister Cities International provides aid to underserved children all over the world. We donate our educational materials in English and/or other languages to support family-bonding efforts and to instill beneficial lessons based on inclusion, fair play, truthfulness, conflict resolution, and more.

Children, when learning these important lessons during their formative years, are the key to future generations bridging the pathways of peace.

How You Can Help
Motivated To Act needs your donations to continue the development and distribution of quality programs and their contents to children and schools across America and globally. As we develop the materials in additional languages, we have opportunities for donors to have their Company Logos, their Names, and/or their Child’s names printed in our educational materials.

Helping us donate the Confident Life™ Program to a school of your choice, provides unlimited potential in shaping children’s lives. Creating pathways to peace starts early in childhood; therefore your support of our program development is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

For more information, please visit Motivated To Act or email CEO, Stephen Tako at