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Help raise awareness to end bullying and promote equality

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Multicultural Dance-a-Thon

Let's groove together at Motivated To Act's Pathways to Peace, Multicultural Dance-a-Thon Fundraiser, where we'll celebrate diversity!

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Junga the Dancing Yeti Films!

All proceeds go to support reducing or ending bullying for children.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage strong leadership skills in children grades K-3rd grade and ingrain in them the desire to treat others as equals. In witnessing bullying, discrimination, or any neglect or abuse, our mission is to motivate children to find and act upon effective resolutions. Our belief is that students who gain a clear understanding of what bullying is and how negative behaviors affect others are more likely to refrain from such behaviors.

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Dates: Now - October 31st
Fundraising Goal: $60,000

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If You prefer to send a check please send it to:
2100 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200-A, San Diego,CA 92101

Donate now and change a Child’s life forever

849 Children helped

With our services, over 700 children's lives have been impacted for the better.

$27,474 donations made

People all over have made donations to improve the lives of the next generation.

What's New?

Our Latest News

How a Cartoon Character Changed the Way Children Understand Bullying

How a Cartoon Character Changed the Way Children Understand Bullying. You are probably aware that most schools have an anti-bullying policy in place, and this has been the norm for
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Creating Peace Across the Globe, Starts at Home

We live in a country where much diversity exists. Accepting that other people may not think and live the way we do is the first step toward embracing diversity. It
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Coming Soon: the next book in the Junga the Dancing Yeti Series: "Yeti, Set, Go!"

Change the world, one step at a time

Make a Difference Today


With every dollar donated to our cause, we are able to help spread our message and take one step closer to eradicating bullying in children's lives.


With every hour of time spent helping others, we become one step closer to changing the next generation for the better.


With every empowering word spoken, we are able to make a difference in how the world views bullying and get closer to resolving it.

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Dates: Now - October 31st
Fundraising Goal: $60,000
Amounts: $5,000; $2,500; $1,000 & $500