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Violence in Schools

In 1994, a group of scholars were very concerned over the amount of shootings and other violent behaviors taking place at schools in America. They wisely created the Collaborative for
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Curbing Our Explicit Bias and Implicit Bias

The way we view the world affects the way we view and treat the people in it. As a reader of this blog, I know that you will strive to
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Making an Impact on Children’s Lives

Children Continue to Harm Themselves We have much work to do because the current situation for many children is quite dismal. Despite all the amazing antibullying programs that have been
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How a Cartoon Character Changed the Way Children Understand Bullying

How a Cartoon Character Changed the Way Children Understand Bullying. You are probably aware that most schools have an anti-bullying policy in place, and this has been the norm for
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Creating Peace Across the Globe, Starts at Home

We live in a country where much diversity exists. Accepting that other people may not think and live the way we do is the first step toward embracing diversity. It
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Grandma Yeti’s Top 10 Summer Safety Tips for Children

As we begin summer and start planning for our children to be outside of their regular school schedule, keeping these 10 tips in mind will help them enjoy this season!
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