A Spark May Become an Explosion

Many people have an idea in their head just waiting to materialize into something great. As a regular host of international film festivals, I’ve been inspired these past 12 years working Red Carpet events and interviewing many filmmakers. They have planted their ideas like a seed; watered, nurtured and weathered the storms and eventually created a film. It wasn’t easy for them.

In 2011, I wrote a story about a fictitious character named The Dancing Yeti. This yeti lived his
whole life being judged harshly by others because of how he appeared to them – a monster. The story took place when the yeti was a 6 year old boy as he traveled to a new place to live with his grandma and how he overcame hurdles adjusting to his new surroundings.

From 2011 to 2014, I experimented with several illustrators trying to find the right look for the characters and I attended several youth anti-bullying events dressed up in full yeti makeup and costume. It took 90 minutes to get ready for each event with a special effects makeup artist. It was 2014 that I came up with the official name of Junga the Dancing Yeti®.

It took another three years of tweaking the storyline and changing illustrators before finding the character concept with an artist in 2017. Finally in 2018, the book Junga the Dancing Yeti® was published! As of 2023, we have three Junga Yeti books and all three have been adapted into animated films AND we have started an anti-bullying non-profit organization called Motivated To Act.

What starts as a little spark, perhaps an idea by one person, may develop over time into something quite extraordinary. But it may take a collaboration of efforts from others who share the vision and are able to bring their own talent into the fold. It may take years of patience, determination and the willingness to learn new methods on how to develop this idea. It could take much longer than expected.

Developing an idea into something great is also responsible for many ruined relationships, ruined finances and ruined lives. When one becomes obsessed in their idea, it may consume them, but this is common. Developing great ideas into reality doesn’t come easily nor quickly. It
requires the discipline and focus of someone to be somewhat obsessed in the project because there will be hurdles that arise. There will be challenges, such as funding, legal rights, public perception, loss of partners, temporary loss of focus and more.

Every great idea that made its way info fruition was backed and promoted by those who believe
in the idea and are willing to rise above all the unforeseen obstacles that will certainly present themselves at the worst possible time. This is when the determination and resilience comes into play and its why so many “great ideas” never make it into the market.

If you want to create an explosion from your spark of an idea, consider these questions:
• Do you absolutely love your project?
• Why do you want to complete this project?
• Are you “married” to the project and willing to nurture it through the good and bad times?
• Do you have a good support system of friends and/or family in place that encourages you to continue?
• Are you willing to take advice and learn how to personally grow during this development?
• What changes do you expect in your life because of this project getting completed?
• What’s next once this project is finished?
• What has stopped you from starting already and how will you get past that hurdle?

Procrastination and doubt are your worst enemies. Put your idea on paper, tell only a small group of people about your plan and get started today!

All of us at Motivated To Act hope that you find the motivation to act upon your true passion projects!