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4 Tips for Preventing Bullying in the Classroom

If you or someone you are with is in immediate danger, call 911 immediately. Know that you are not alone, and there is help available at all times.

Here are 4 tips to bring anti-bullying practices into the classroom.

  •  Practice Active Listening
One of the best ways to prevent unwelcome behavior is to model good behavior. Children are likely to copy what the adults are doing, so if you are a calm listener and showcase great empathy with everyone, then your students will follow your behavior.
  • Empower Your Students to Show Kindness

If you are actively showcasing great listening and empathy, you can also take it one step further by teaching kids to show kindness to their bully. Oftentimes, bullies are going through tough times and are taking it out on other kids. To counteract this, kids can treat them with kindness.

  • Empower Your Students to Speak Up

Establish ground rules in the classroom on day one, letting kids know that they can always confide in you if something is wrong and they are being treated unfairly.

  • Read Books that Teach Good Morals

Find books to read to the class that showcase kindness and treating each other with respect. It is essential to teach children the value of respect and how to empathize with each other from a young age.

Looking for great books to incorporate into your classroom? Check out Junga the Dancing Yeti, our series of books sponsored by Motived to Act that teach kindness and teamwork through fun imagery and an engaging storyline.

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