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What are the different types of bullying?

Anyone can experience bullying. Some types of bullying are more obvious, while some are harder to spot. If you can recognize bullying, it’s easier to put an end to it, so let’s dive into the different types of bullying.

1. Physical bullying
Physical bullying includes inflicting harm on another person through hitting, tripping, pushing, pinching, or kicking them. This also applies to anyone’s property and items.

2. Verbal bullying
Verbal bullying is when one person says hurtful words and insults another person. This can include threats, name-calling, teasing, and sexual comments.

3. Social bullying
Social bullying is hard to recognize because it can take place behind people’s backs. This includes spreading rumors, gossiping, making up lies, mimicking unkindly, purposefully damaging social reputation, and sharing inappropriate jokes.

4. Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is the act of using digital technologies to intentionally inflict harm on someone else. This can include social media, texting, instant messaging, websites, and any other online platforms.
Steps to take
The first step to changing bullying behavior is to recognize which types of bullying are occurring.

If you are experiencing physical bullying, the best thing to do is to get help from a trusted person, inform the authorities (teacher, principal, security, etc.), then walk away from the situation.

If you are experiencing verbal bullying, try to avoid situations where you may encounter the bully. Reassure yourself that what they are saying has no truth behind it.

If you are experiencing social bullying, avoid situations in which you could run into the person or people starting the rumors, and alert the authorities in the situation.

If you are experiencing cyberbullying, deactivate your online accounts and remove yourself from digital technologies.

More Resources

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